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Anatomic Specimen Container


Our Anatomic Specimen Container is designed to store specimens or organs. Loading and unloading happens from top of the container. The container is a rugged construction made of stainless steel, steel grade 1.4301, provided with a hinged lid. Container and lid close odor tight. The mobile version features 4 or 6 heavy-duty rollers with stainless steel casings and polyamide rollers. 2 rollers are equipped with brakes. To empty the container, it features a stainless steel ball valve.


Containers with a volume of more than 600 liters are provided with a rugged subframe. Dimensions and variations are manufactured on customer request.


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Anatomic Specimen Container

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Available options:

water-cooled, water-/air-cooled
   or external cooling
potential free connection for in-house 
   monitoring system


If our standard program doesn't meet your needs we will be glad to offer you a customized solution.